Strawberry Daifuku(Pioneer in Ichinomiya Town)

一の宮元祖 いちご大福

The specially KANEKICHI made Strawberry Daifuku uses fresh, large-grained strawberry. The strawberry is wrapped in a soft rice cake and white bean paste. The use of white bean paste is a distinctive feature. In December 1987, Japanese-style confectionary shop Kanekichi manufactured and released the first strawberry Daifuku in Ichinomiya-town, Chiba Prefecture.
Please eat on the day you bought the Strawberry Daifuku.

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KANEKICHI's Strawberry Daifuku was recognized as Chosei County’s sweet of choice.
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Some customers who book Ichigo Daifuku don't know where the store is.
Therefore, it seems that many customers accidentally go to other stores.
Please check the location carefully before coming to the store.
It is a black wooden shop on the north side of the road that turns
in front of Tamamae Shrine from the signal in front of Tamamae Shrine.
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Be careful when visiting stores on rainy and snowy days.(Weather forecast around the store)
In case of cancellation due to rain or snow, please contact us as soon as possible.
Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day.