What to cherish

There is a shop in the back of a big street. We have continued our business for generations under the family discipline that "we should provide more delicious sweets with more ideas and efforts to meet our customers' needs."Regardless of the fixed concept, while selecting the material with a flexible idea and a broad perspective, without excessive work, we follow the original recipe of Japanese confectionery, and continue to preserve the taste and tradition.As a Japanese sweet confectionery, we deliver "honest sweetness and pleasure" that expresses the four seasons of Japan.

Commitment to handmade

We are stuck in making things by hand.
The hand-made products we carry out have lower productivity than the mass production by machines and there is a problem that the product shortage.However, hand-made has no limitations like machine manufacturing, and free ideas and abundant expressions are possible.Handmade can deliver the ideal taste to customers without compromising the taste and texture.We do not want to make compromises due to mechanical constraints.We manufacture every one of the products with the ideal combination and process in the sense of a craftsman.

Commitment to non-freezing

We are stuck with the fact that we do not store Japanese sweets frozen
In our shop, craftsmen handcraft Japanese sweets.Therefore, unlike mass production by machine, there is no need for long-term storage.For long-term storage, it can be frozen and sold for several months without worrying about the shelf life.However, there are concerns about corrosion due to freezing measures (additives and sugaring more than necessary) and thawing.We want to provide food that is as hygienic, safe and secure as possible.We think that it is a good way not to need frozen storage, as it is a small amount of handmade production.No need for excess additives for frozen storage.There is no need to over-blend sugar for frozen storage.It is possible to produce it with the necessary ingredients to make it the ideal taste.
In order to deliver natural taste to our customers and to delight our customers, we will continue to make them without giving up our commitments.

Commitment to the box price of the product

For gifts, you need to pay the box price.
In our shop, because we are also selling separately, to customers who do not need a dressing box such as gifts, we are selling at a reasonable price, without including the box price in every single product. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the box price when putting it in a dressing box as a gift. Thank you for your understanding.