Hon Kudzu sakura


Hon Kudzu sakura is a traditional Japanese sweet for summer in Japan. Japanese eat Hon Kudzu sakura for coolness. Hon Kudzu sakura uses real cherry leaves. You enjoy the scent of cherry leaves.

This is only using the kudzu called Yoshino-honkudzu. Yoshino-honkudzu is very valuable and delicious. We use the finest quality kudzu among Yoshino-honkudzu

Yoshino-honkudzu is hard and not delicious if chilled for a long time in a refrigerator. Please store at normal temperature. You can taste delicious even at normal temperature, but you can enjoy it more deliciously if you just chill it a little before eating.

Please eat on the day of purchase.

Raw cherry leaves are not food, but have a summer scent.
Remove the raw cherry leaves from the Hon Kuzu sakura and enjoy.